Mike Neill, Mortgage Loan Originator

I became an independent mortgage broker for a couple of reasons…Throughout my career, I found that I really enjoyed helping people…whether that was to assist people I worked with to realize their dreams of advancement in their careers, or assisting my clients with a product or service that they needed to meet their goals.  Additionally, having come from a retail banking background as a Branch Manager where I assisted clients with lending products such as Home Equity Loans/Lines of Credit and Business Loans, it was a natural fit for me to make a change to the mortgage industry.   What better place to use the skills and interests I already possess to help guide people through what is typically the largest single purchase of their lives?   It is an amazing feeling to know that I’m part of the reason that a client was able to move into a new home and help build wealth for themselves and their families.

Mike Neill Mortgage Broker

Beyond Loans

There is way more to me than my ability to help you obtain a mortgage, so I wanted to let you know a bit more about me as a person.  I was born and raised in South Florida, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to move away from home to attend the United States Naval Academy.  After completing my Naval service, I found my way back to Florida and landed in the Tampa area to start a family.  Being married with 3 kids and a couple of pets keeps me on my toes and serves as the focus of my life outside of work.   I am active in the community as a volunteer coach for multiple sports (flag football, soccer, and baseball) over the years,  serve as an Ambassador for my local Chamber of Commerce, and host a Life Group for my church.  I’m a life long learner and enjoy new experiences, subjects, people and places.

Trusted Mortgage Specialist

If you have read this far, I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little more about me.  Thank you for considering allowing me, rather than a call center or big bank,  the honor of assisting you with your mortgage.  I’ve been involved in lending for over a decade, and am dedicated to providing the advice, guidance, and client experience you deserve.

A few of my interests:

  • Family
  • Community
  • Coaching kids
  • Sports (primarily football)
  • Travel
  • Learning new things
  • Helping others
Mike Neill Mortgage Broker

Mike Neill

Fidelity Mortgage Loans, Inc.
NMLS 1064583

I’m Here To Help

If you are ready to start your buying or refinancing process, give me a call. I’m happy to answer all your questions.

Cell: 813-892-8666